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Welcome from our Principal

Ms Julie Wilson, School Principal

Welcome to the Paralowie R-12 School community.

At Paralowie R-12 School we aspire to ‘Achievement for All’. This is our guiding principle, and through this we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment where every student is empowered to succeed and reach their full potential. Through innovative teaching and learning programs, and a commitment to diversity in our community, we strive to ensure that every student achieves excellence, both academically and personally.

Our focus is on student learning, wellbeing and achievement. Around the yard, in class and in the daily bulletin, students will hear our mantra ‘work hard, learn lots’. There are many opportunities for student involvement, participation and leadership through choir and Wakkakiri in reception to year 6, participation in the Volleyball Academy and the specialist sport program in years 7 to 12, and activities spanning reception to year 12 including the Paralowie Dance Troupe, Kaurna language learning and developing multicultural understanding.

Opportunities for first language learning are available through the School of Languages which teaches classes on site. Technology and learning are brought to life through our Lumination Lab and through involvement in STEM/STEMSEL. Positive behaviour for learning is an expectation that is supported through classroom conditions for learning and clear instructional routines. Initialit in the junior primary years will be implemented from 2024 and the daily literacy block throughout the primary years will continue. Our site improvement priorities include developing students’ capacity for reading and writing as they progress through the school.

Connection and commitment to the community is a significant aspect of our school not only through our Community Centre, but also through the deep understanding and appreciation our teaching staff and leadership have of the needs of our students.

There are Principal’s Tours each month which provide the opportunity to learn more about our school, hear from students and see our facilities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything that you would like more information about. We look forward to both hearing from you and meeting you and you children.

‘Achievement for All’ is a promise we make that each student’s journey at Paralowie R-12 is a pathway to success.

Julie Wilson, Principal

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Senior Leadership and Positive Behaviour Leaders Document

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Meet our Senior Leadership Team

Meet our Senior Leadership Team

Michael Mattei

Deputy Principal

Michael Mattei, Deputy Principal

Karen Post

Head of R-6 School

Karen Post, Head of R-6 School

Stewart Sparrow

Business Manager

Stewart Sparrow, Business Manager

Nicole Sander

Senior Leader R-6

Nicole Sander, Senior Leader R-6

Tiahne Rowe

Senior Leader Middle School 7-9

Tiahne Rowe, Senior Leader Middle School 7-9

Josh Farmer

Senior Leader Senior School 10-12

Josh Farmer, Senior Leader Senior School 10-12