What is the Daymap Parent Portal?

The Paralowie R-12 School Daymap Parent Portal is your go-to platform for staying connected and engaged with your child’s learning. Daymap is an innovative platform designed to enhance communication and collaboration between home and school, providing you with convenient access to your child’s learning anytime.

What can I gain from using the Daymap Parent Portal?

1. Monitor your child’s progress
2. Keep track of your child’s attendance, grades and learning
3. Stay up to date with your child’s assignments and timetable
4. Access upcoming assignments, assessments and special programs, helping your child stay organised and prepared.
5. Stay up to date about school events, receiving updates on school events, announcements and important school news.

It is well researched that parent/caregiver involvement and engagement in their child’s schooling is extremely beneficial in creating and supporting student success – and, we are here to assist you along the way.

How can I access the Daymap Parent Portal?

It is easy! View our “getting started” videos and then click on the Daymap Parent Portal link to get started. If you have any questions or need assistance, we are here to help. Thank you for participating in your child’s education and for connecting in with our Daymap Parent Portal.

Access our Parent Portal using this address:

How to get the Daymap app

If you’re on your phone, download the app here:

If you’re on your computer:

  1. search for Daymap in the Apple store for iPhones or iPads, or in Google Play for Android devices
  2. download the app
  3. create an account
  4. add our school